PMP in a Snap

Benefits of effective leadership on projects

March 21, 2023 Kaye B Episode 25
PMP in a Snap
Benefits of effective leadership on projects
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Effective leadership is important to projects. This episode is about how it can positively affect projects.  All lessons are based on the PMBOK®, 7th Edition.  


CAPMP, PMP and PMBOK are registered marks of Project Management Institute, Inc. 

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I’m your host, Kaye B. Last week we talked about Skills and techniques of effective leadership. Now, we are digging into why effective leadership is important and the benefit it has on projects


Have you ever seen someone with a strong ability in leadership skills but their influence has been undermined by the perception of being self-serving or untrustworthy? Yeah, me too. That’s why effective leaders need to be a role model in areas of honesty, integrity, and ethical conduct. These leaders are transparent, behave unselfishly and are able to ask for help. When a leader exhibits this behavior, their project team will for the most part act accordingly. Because, hey, we can’t control everyone.


Also, projects work best when the leader understands what motivates people. Knowing how to best communicate with or motivate people can help improve project team performance and manage obstacles to project success. And when that is practiced by more than one person on a project, the team can foster a shared responsibilities toward the project goal. Everyone works collaboratively, which fosters a healthy and vibrant environment. By blending styles, continuing skill growth, and leveraging motivators, any project team member or stakeholder can motivate, influence, coach and grow the project team, regardless of role or position. 


If you have worked on multiple projects, you know the good, bad and ugly of leadership. When you are on a good project, it’s usually the people you work with, even if the actual project you are working on is tough. The leader knows this but motivates the team toward a shared goal. But bad projects, even if they could be rewarding, become a bad experience because of leadership. Even if you are not the main project lead, you can provide leadership to any team. 


That is your PMP in 60 seconds. Next week we are talking about what tailor based on context.